About Us

In the new era of art, distance and boundaries have no meaning and concept. Me, you and he are all the same, in the same direction. Any person from anywhere in the world can be a member of this forum. The connecting point of our members is art.

In our opinion, art means to think transcendentally, to look at the subject from a personal point of view and to share it. There is no conflict of ideas in this forum. It is us and not me. By joining us, you will actually help to improve human thought.

Membership in the International Society of the New Era of Art is open to everyone. Membership in this forum has no gender, religious or nationality restrictions.

This site is not ours, it is your home. You have to make it yourself.

Our Mission
  • Promoting art and related specialized sciences as a means of communication, cultural exchange and the growth and excellence of humanity
  • Provide education and art information, create inspiration and opportunity for all art lovers and the community.
  • Developing and strengthening creativity, creating excellence and moral behavior in all artistic and personal aspects.